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Interested in Umpiring?

The Dudley Netball League are seeking expressions of interest for attendance to an Into Officiating Umpire Course.

The course will run during their Summer Season, date to be confirmed on receipt of appropriate levels of interest.


Please read – Umpires 2019

Dudley Netball league have, over previous seasons, fulfilled the task of sourcing and gaining commitment from umpires, to allocate to league games, on behalf of the teams that participate in the league.

This has always been a service that sets us apart from other leagues within the area, and the Committee would like to continue with this team support.  However, we are finding it increasing difficult to source umpires that are willing to commit their time during the Summer Season.

Many clubs have not provided umpires to our umpiring Secretary, and where names have been provided some umpires cannot commit.

We now find ourselves in the position of having to choose:
1.  Teams nominate their umpires (like other leagues)
2. Games are cancelled on a regular basis, and we are unable to schedule the number of rearrangements (we only have 14 playing weeks)
3. The league becomes unsustainable and we are unable to continue

Please help us to continue helping you, let us know if you know umpires that could help and nominate willing umpires from your club as we cannot play without the officials.