Well Done Ian Fuller

5081946Dudley Netball League wishes to extend their heartiest congratulations to Ian Fuller for achieving his International Umpiring Award whilst umpiring a recent Superleague semi-final match in Cardiff. 

This is the highest accreditation an umpire can gain and involves many hours of hard work and dedication to the sport.  Ian now enters an elite pool of umpires who are selected to officiate at international level, in varying competitions and Test Series.

Starting in Birmingham, Ian has been umpiring for 10 years and has gained vast experience by officiating in Regional League, Premier League and Superleague.  Ian has also umpired internationally at events in Europe, at the Canadian National Championships and Netball South Africa’s Diamond Challenge.

Ian is the third umpire in the West Midlands region to gain International status since our own Brenda Hayter who was Dudley’s Chairman and Honorary Life member who qualified in 1985 and retired in 1993; followed by Beryl Lewis (Shropshire), also retiring in 2010.

He still manages to find time to officiate at Regional level with his mentor Zena Johnson, helping the umpires in his local region.

Ian, enjoy your achievement and thank you for supporting our league.


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